The “First British” in Mughal India

The India, sketched in this book, is something which we will find so much familiarity with.It seems the country is eternal, you can identify with everything described about the country-some 5 centuries after. What one may find obsolete is the fighting (political/military) between the British and the Portuguese. Also described vividly are the various art forms (dances, music etc.).The description involved so much “expertise” that you will be amazed, till the time you find out from the acknowledgement that he was briefed about Classical music by Ustad Vilayat Khan and about Classical Dance by Indrani Rehman.Alas he didn’t tell us who briefed about the “Indian sensuality” ,which he described time and again in the book.


Kishore Kumar & the Burmans; What One can Learn From The Music Industry about Talent Spotting

If we go back to the HBR article, this is similar to what the author’s research pointed out in the “five markers of potential”. Certain disciplines like Talent Identification and Nurturing is where the Corporates can find a lot of learning from the Popular Creativity Industry like the Movie and Music Industry. The Barman – Kumar instance is just one of them. There are millions such cases to be picked up, studied and the learning implemented. The industry analysts needs to recognize them.

Suchitra & Me…

As your hair starts greying,your conception of beauty and your eye for it also starts becoming “colour blind” The same thing happened to me.The black and white pictures and movies started making meaning .And i started revisiting many of the old movies that we have seen at Miloni club at HEC Colony in Ranchi.For the bengali diaspora there,occassional hit bengali movies,along with other activities, used to get organised,i presume to keep us exposed to Bangali-culture .Before that an announcer in a vehicle used to go around the township shouting in a “mike” something to the tune of “Aagami Shonibar/Robibar,Miloni Club Prangone ekti bangla Chayachobir aayojan kara hoyeche .Chobir naam “saptapadi” aar ete obhinoy korechen Uttam Kumar(3or 4 times ) ebong Suchita Sen (3 or 4 times).”The stress on “Uttom and Suchitra” was very clear.As clear as its impact on my Mother and other Kakimas .